Fist Bump from Pork Chop

Fist Bump from Pork Chop

This morning I had an internal ultrasound to check my cervical length. When the tech finished she said, “OK, let’s see this little guy,” and I froze. I told Erik this was internal only and we wouldn’t get to see pork chop. I told him not to bother coming to this appointment because we’d see him in a couple weeks at the anatomy scan. So while what followed was amazing and magical (FINALLY!) and I cried the good tears, I was AGAIN wracked with guilt because Erik wasn’t there. Crap crap crap I suck. But look how cute he is!

While my nausea and acne are starting to fade a little, I’ve welcomed a new symptom this week: hip pain! Owwww. It’s so bad I have trouble sleeping. I’m trying to sleep on my side, since in a few short weeks back sleeping will be forbidden, but it is terrible. I’ve ordered a pregnancy pillow off of Amazon and I’m trying to see if that will help ease the pain a little. My midwife also told me today that I can sleep on my back if I put a pillow under one hip. She said this will shift the main weight of my uterus off to the side and prevent any issues. She said the hip pain may lessen as he moves up in my abdomen, but while he continues to sit low in my pelvis, the pressure is going to cause this pain. YAY!

17W+3D  – Baby is the size of a turnip

Holy Guacamole!

Holy Guacamole!

We celebrated Easter a week early because Sam, Jeff, and Mel will be away on Easter Sunday. After dinner, mom showed us some outfits she had gotten for pork chop. I keep forgetting that I’m pregnant, so seeing them reminded me that there was a little person growing in my belly. It made me a little emotional. When we got home, Erik told me it had affected him too. He said he was able to picture our little man in those outfits, growing up, walking, playing with us. I tried to contain my emotions, but trust I was on hormone OVERLOAD!!!

Weather this weekend is supposed to be amazing, so we’ll be spending it working in the yard. Erik rented a dethatcher from Home Depot and is using it to tear up the lawn as we speak. While he’s dethatching, I’ll be planting seeds for my garden.

Hey, is that a little bump I’m starting to see?


16W+1D – Baby is the size of an avocado

Going Facebook Official

Going Facebook Official

It’s not official until it’s Facebook official.

This weekend we took our announcement photos. We have a couple more people to tell this week and then we’ll tell the whole world. Remy did an AMAZING job. He was only a few weeks post-op and he sat like such a good boy while I tried time and time again to get a picture of him looking up at my belly.


Somewhere around take 12, he nailed it and we let him go lay down while we got one more shot with our crazy girls.


We literally got this on the first take! Oh and for those of you who want fun announcement photos but don’t have the budget for a photographer… I took these myself on my iPhone! I used a tripod, set the 10 second timer, and then ran into the shot. A little Instagram filter magic to really enhance that sunset, and voila!

My What to Expect While Expecting app says I may be looking more pregnant these days… nope.

15W+1D – Baby is the size of an orange