Half Time!

Half Time!

This week has been fun! I think I’m really starting to hit my stride. 

We hit the half way point this week and we had our big anatomy scan. Pork chop is perfect! I had the scan on 19w6d and that’s exactly what he measured! Ten fingers. Ten toes. One peeper. 🙈

It was really fun getting to experience the ultrasound with Erik. He hasn’t seen our little bub since he was a smudge. He couldn’t believe how detailed everything was. Porky was a little squirmy but cooperated enough to get all the shots we needed. It was also weird to see him moving as I was feeling him move. Amazing experience. I was really soaking it in, because unless there’s an issue, that was our last ultrasound. What?!? Yes! 

I’ve been feeling good this week. My skin has been better. And I’m starting to look a little pregnant!

Sometimes it feels like I’ve been pregnant for ever, other times I think omg how are we half way already?! In as long as it took to get to this point, there will be a little baby here and my life will never ever be the same. That’s crazy!!! 

20W+5D — Baby is the size of a banana 


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