Hi There, Little Guy! 

Hi There, Little Guy! 

Quick update on our growth ultrasound! 

Just as a recap, I was measuring “a little small” at my 24 week appointment. This is my first baby so we aren’t sure if this is just how I carry, or if I make small babies, so out of an abundance of caution, my midwife decided to do an ultrasound at my 28 weeks appointment to make sure that there are no growth restrictions and baby is on track. 

I showed up to my appointment to find out that the AC in the building was broken, so it was a bit of a sweaty appointment, but otherwise, pleasantly uneventful! 

Baby A is measuring 28+3 in length which is about 4 days ahead. They recorded his weight as 2lb8oz which puts him in the 45th percentile. My midwife said 50th is the target for a 7.5lb baby at delivery, but anything between 40-60 is considered on track. My fluid levels were “great,” and the cord looked good. No concerns on growth restriction. I have another appointment at 31 weeks where they will measure me. If I am still small, they may aim for one more growth ultrasound to make sure he is still 45th or higher. Otherwise, the next time we see him may be the delivery room! 😳😍

Oh and I was right! He did flip. Baby is head down, looking into my body. Bum up. He occasionally does something that feels like a full body stretch where I can feel his feet extend way up into my ribcage and what may be hands pushing down into my left hip. So fun lol! 

I had my first chiropractor appointment this afternoon for my sciatica. They mostly did massage and taught me stretches I can do at home to help. Hoping for the best, but also expecting this to last til the end. Oh well, at least I’m on vacation next week! 

Our Little Firecracker!

Our Little Firecracker!

Happy 4th of July! 

We celebrate this day a little more than most because it’s our wedding anniversary! This year we celebrated six years! We started the day putting the second coat of paint on the nursery walls. In the afternoon, friends came by and we hung by the pool. Then we grabbed dinner at Carabbas because I was craving that pasta dish they make with the sauasage and peppers and all the cheese! 

Pregnancy wise I’m feeling good! This is my last week in the second trimester and other than some mild sciatica, I don’t have many complaints. My sleep is very irregular. I wake up 7-10 times a night. I’m sure that’s just my body getting ready, so no complaints there either. I know it will only get much worse!

Oh I almost forgot, I think baby boy flipped on Saturday night. He has been breech since our first scan, but Saturday I had the strangest sensation. I was walking down an escalator that was temporarily stairs, when I felt the biggest amount of movement and so much pressure. It took my breath away and I almost felt nauseous. I froze and just held onto my belly. Erik looked a little nervous. I tried to explain that I couldn’t explain the feeling, but I wasn’t in pain and I was pretty sure he was ok. After that, the feeling of his movements was very different and I can feel him up higher than I ever have before. My growth ultrasound is on Thursday so we will see if I’m right! 

27W+4D — Baby is the size of an eggplant