We’ve Got a Kicker!!!!

We’ve Got a Kicker!!!!

He may not be kicking Super Bowl winning field goals… yet… but he’s kicking me!

Being a first time momma, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was supposed to be feeling. I’d heard butterflies, flutters, and bubbles, but what I felt was different. And so for a few days I thought maybe I wasn’t feeling him. But then members of a secret Facebook group I’m in, who are all in the same stage of pregnancy as me, started discussing the first movements. One described it as feeling like a goldfish flopping around and I instantly identified that as the sensation I was feeling. I’ve had a couple kicks that felt so strong, I thought I could surely feel it from the outside. He’s still so low below my belly button, where there’s hardly any fat, so one night this week when he was especially active, I laid down and pressed gently on the spot where I felt him and bam! He hit my hand! Erik felt it too! It was such a cool experience.

I have my 20 week anatomy scan on Thursday. I can’t wait to see how much he’s grown.

19W+3D – Baby is the size of a mango