Pop! Goes the Belly

Pop! Goes the Belly

I went to Massachusetts over the weekend to see my family and friends. I haven’t seen most of them in over a month. They all seemed to be in agreement that I finally look pregnant. I think my favorite quote was: “wow you look way bigger in person than in the photos.”


Hahaha I know what they meant. Also, the day I went up, little man moved into a weird spot up higher than he had been before and it made my belly really pop. It also made it much harder to feel him move, which made me sad. No worries, the next day he moved again and I could feel him like crazy again.

I’ve been feeling really good. I stopped taking Diclegis over a week ago and so far so good!! My skin has cleared quite a bit. I was really self conscious about that so I’m glad it’s finally getting better.

I’ve been loving food, but still not gaining too much. Dr said I should gain about a pound a week for the rest of my pregnancy. I don’t think I gained a pound last week, but I’m trying to eat more (good) calories this week so we will see. I’m not overly concerned about my weight, I think it’s fine, I just want to make sure little man is getting everything he needs. That’s ALL I care about.

Every week that goes by is making me anxious. I don’t feel prepared enough! I’ve researched all the pre-baby classes at Yale and am signing up for the July and August classes soon. I’m going to do the child birth class, breast feeding prep class, and CPR at Yale and maybe some others at my Yoga studio. I want to absorb as much knowledge as possible!!! If you’ve got suggestions on classes you found really useful, let me know!

21W+4D – Baby is the size of a carrot