Baby A’s First Getaway 

Baby A’s First Getaway 

What a fun week we’ve had!!

I’ve been feeling really good, and just in time for a trip to Block Island to celebrate our friends’ wedding.

Pork chop got a LOT of attention.

Sleeping in a tiny bed with a spring mattress was not fun, so I left the weekend a bit more tired than usual. But we had such a blast. Lots of sightseeing, eating, and dancing!

The weekend went by way too fast!

I’m starting to feel more stretched out this week. My skin is itchy and my stomach is hard. It’s tougher to do simple things like tie my shoes or bend over because my stomach is in the way. I’ve still got a long way to go. I’m sure it will only get more difficult from here! Still feeling good. No nausea. Good level of energy (when I don’t stay out dancing til 11pm and then get up at 6am lol).

My 24 week appointment is on Thursday and I officially hit the 6 month mark on Friday!

23W+4D — Baby is the size of a papaya