What’s a Rutabaga?!

What’s a Rutabaga?!

Some weeks these baby size comparisons are so bizarre. Aren’t they supposed to give you a way to visualize what size baby is in there? Who chose rutabaga?! I had to Google it and I still don’t know what size it is. Hopefully next week is something easier. My app also told me my uterus is the size of a soccer ball. Now that I can visualize. And it shows in the photos 😂

We had a fun week this week, traveling up to Massachusetts to attend a surprise party for my brother’s upcoming 30th birthday and had Father’s Day breakfast with the whole fam! Then I proceeded to get a horrible sunburn on my boobs, bump, and thighs. 😩 I’m usually so good about putting sunscreen on. I’m not sure where my head was. At least I didn’t do it on vacation! That could have ruined a good beach week!!!

At my 24 week appointment, my midwife said I am measuring a bit small. She added a growth ultrasound to my 28 week appointment just to make sure pork chop is on track. He was perfect at the 20 week scan so she said she isn’t concerned. Fingers crossed he’s still perfectly perfect when I go again on the 6th of July! 

25W+4D — Baby is the size of a rutabaga