Hi There, Little Guy! 

Hi There, Little Guy! 

Quick update on our growth ultrasound! 

Just as a recap, I was measuring “a little small” at my 24 week appointment. This is my first baby so we aren’t sure if this is just how I carry, or if I make small babies, so out of an abundance of caution, my midwife decided to do an ultrasound at my 28 weeks appointment to make sure that there are no growth restrictions and baby is on track. 

I showed up to my appointment to find out that the AC in the building was broken, so it was a bit of a sweaty appointment, but otherwise, pleasantly uneventful! 

Baby A is measuring 28+3 in length which is about 4 days ahead. They recorded his weight as 2lb8oz which puts him in the 45th percentile. My midwife said 50th is the target for a 7.5lb baby at delivery, but anything between 40-60 is considered on track. My fluid levels were “great,” and the cord looked good. No concerns on growth restriction. I have another appointment at 31 weeks where they will measure me. If I am still small, they may aim for one more growth ultrasound to make sure he is still 45th or higher. Otherwise, the next time we see him may be the delivery room! 😳😍

Oh and I was right! He did flip. Baby is head down, looking into my body. Bum up. He occasionally does something that feels like a full body stretch where I can feel his feet extend way up into my ribcage and what may be hands pushing down into my left hip. So fun lol! 

I had my first chiropractor appointment this afternoon for my sciatica. They mostly did massage and taught me stretches I can do at home to help. Hoping for the best, but also expecting this to last til the end. Oh well, at least I’m on vacation next week! 

Our Little Firecracker!

Our Little Firecracker!

Happy 4th of July! 

We celebrate this day a little more than most because it’s our wedding anniversary! This year we celebrated six years! We started the day putting the second coat of paint on the nursery walls. In the afternoon, friends came by and we hung by the pool. Then we grabbed dinner at Carabbas because I was craving that pasta dish they make with the sauasage and peppers and all the cheese! 

Pregnancy wise I’m feeling good! This is my last week in the second trimester and other than some mild sciatica, I don’t have many complaints. My sleep is very irregular. I wake up 7-10 times a night. I’m sure that’s just my body getting ready, so no complaints there either. I know it will only get much worse!

Oh I almost forgot, I think baby boy flipped on Saturday night. He has been breech since our first scan, but Saturday I had the strangest sensation. I was walking down an escalator that was temporarily stairs, when I felt the biggest amount of movement and so much pressure. It took my breath away and I almost felt nauseous. I froze and just held onto my belly. Erik looked a little nervous. I tried to explain that I couldn’t explain the feeling, but I wasn’t in pain and I was pretty sure he was ok. After that, the feeling of his movements was very different and I can feel him up higher than I ever have before. My growth ultrasound is on Thursday so we will see if I’m right! 

27W+4D — Baby is the size of an eggplant 

What’s a Rutabaga?!

What’s a Rutabaga?!

Some weeks these baby size comparisons are so bizarre. Aren’t they supposed to give you a way to visualize what size baby is in there? Who chose rutabaga?! I had to Google it and I still don’t know what size it is. Hopefully next week is something easier. My app also told me my uterus is the size of a soccer ball. Now that I can visualize. And it shows in the photos 😂

We had a fun week this week, traveling up to Massachusetts to attend a surprise party for my brother’s upcoming 30th birthday and had Father’s Day breakfast with the whole fam! Then I proceeded to get a horrible sunburn on my boobs, bump, and thighs. 😩 I’m usually so good about putting sunscreen on. I’m not sure where my head was. At least I didn’t do it on vacation! That could have ruined a good beach week!!!

At my 24 week appointment, my midwife said I am measuring a bit small. She added a growth ultrasound to my 28 week appointment just to make sure pork chop is on track. He was perfect at the 20 week scan so she said she isn’t concerned. Fingers crossed he’s still perfectly perfect when I go again on the 6th of July! 

25W+4D — Baby is the size of a rutabaga 

We’ve Got a Kicker!!!!

We’ve Got a Kicker!!!!

He may not be kicking Super Bowl winning field goals… yet… but he’s kicking me!

Being a first time momma, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was supposed to be feeling. I’d heard butterflies, flutters, and bubbles, but what I felt was different. And so for a few days I thought maybe I wasn’t feeling him. But then members of a secret Facebook group I’m in, who are all in the same stage of pregnancy as me, started discussing the first movements. One described it as feeling like a goldfish flopping around and I instantly identified that as the sensation I was feeling. I’ve had a couple kicks that felt so strong, I thought I could surely feel it from the outside. He’s still so low below my belly button, where there’s hardly any fat, so one night this week when he was especially active, I laid down and pressed gently on the spot where I felt him and bam! He hit my hand! Erik felt it too! It was such a cool experience.

I have my 20 week anatomy scan on Thursday. I can’t wait to see how much he’s grown.

19W+3D – Baby is the size of a mango

Oh Sweet, Naive, Pre-Pregnant Me

Oh Sweet, Naive, Pre-Pregnant Me

Before I got pregnant, I had all of these ideas about how pregnancy would be, and how I would be as a preggo. I was thinking about some of it today, and at only 18 weeks, SO much is already different. It gave me a laugh, so I thought I’d share.

Pre-Pregnant Me: I’m going to eat super healthy when I’m pregnant and obviously 100% organic.

Pregnant Me: Brownies have eggs in them so that’s basically a breakfast food right?

Pre-Pregnant Me: I’m going to workout every day when I’m pregnant. I’ve read it makes delivery easier and you bounce back faster after.

Pregnant Me (at 4pm): I’m just gonna take another nap and then maybe I’ll think about changing out of my pajamas.

Pre-Pregnant Me: I’m creating this secret Pinterest board of adorable maternity outfits because I still want to look great every day.

Pregnant Me: If mens sweat pants and Target t-shirts are wrong, I don’t want to be right. Also, f*** showers.

Pre-Pregnant Me: When I get pregnant, I’m going to appreciate every second and be so thankful that I was able to get pregnant and never ever complain about any of it.

Pregnant Me: Ugh, people do this MULTIPLE TIMES?! Are they nuts?!

Hahaha OK, you get the idea! I will say that the past two weeks have been really good. I’m feeling so much better. I have energy. I cleaned my whole room and closet yesterday (that may not sound like a big deal but I haven’t cleaned it since I got pregnant because I’ve felt like absolute garbage). Showers stopped making me feel dizzy and nauseous so I’m somewhat enjoying them again. I’m already starting to forget how bad the beginning of the first trimester was, so maybe in a couple weeks I’ll look back on this post, written wearing my UHA sweats and a Target tee and feel like a completely different person wrote it.

Or maybe it will be 90 degrees and humid and I’ll have found something new to complain about! HA.


Sweet Hallelujah!

Sweet Hallelujah!

I’ve been nervous to say it out loud, for fear of jinxing it, but it’s been about a week now, so I think I’m in the clear… my nausea is nearly gone as long as I don’t miss meals; my appetite has returned (How many brownies is too many?); and my energy is back. YAY!

I went to my first prenatal yoga class yesterday and it was awesome. Not just the yoga, but the community. The women in the class are great and supportive and totally open-minded. There are women from 13 weeks to 34 weeks in the class. Some on their first, some on their second pregnancy. Some planning natural births. Some with scheduled c-sections. Some will be breast-feeding. Others plan to formula feed. And everyone is respectful of everyone else’s decisions. Outside of those walls, there’s a lot of judgement, but inside there’s none. It’s such a treat. I can’t wait to go back next week! (If you happen to be in Southwestern Connecticut, I’m going to Mother’s Embrace Yoga)

18W+3D – Baby is the size of a sweet potato